Thursday, 4 November 2010

And who, my dear, is Anna?

Good Afternoon,

~I suppose my first entry and foray into the blog world should be an introduction of myself.

~My name is Anna, and I am a young, Christian woman in my early twenties.  Currently, I am attending college; and have so far accomplished an AA Liberal Studies degree.  One more course will add an English degree.  This semester, as well as next (and possibly a few more), I am taking hospitality management courses which will help me to realize a desire of owning a bakery with my Mother.

~Aside from taking classes, I enjoy many things.  These include; reading, writing, poetry, designing and altering house plans, needlework, baking, and much more.  I played the flute from 5th to 12th grade, and in recent years have taken up the piano.  I enjoy sign language, and would dearly love to spend a few months in Scotland learning Gaelic.  Language, including the English language, is very interesting to me; which, I suppose, is why I love to read so much.

~Reading, not only takes you into another world, but gives an opportunity to see how sentences are put together, and what words mean.  Reading also allows a special insight into what life may have been like when the novel was written.  (Who hasn't fallen in love with Mr. Darcy's manner and decorum?)

~Speaking of Mr. Darcy, the Victorian era is also of great interest.  Their clothing was modest and exquisitely made.  In general, their morals were without fault.  And their houses, inside and out, were beautiful.

~Well, I suppose that is an adequate introduction.  I am a young college student who enjoys reading, wants to open a bakery, and wishes she lived in Victorian England (with some modern conviences).

~I hope you enjoy my blog as it gathers more posts and information.

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  1. Hello Anna,

    Welcome to blogland, I hope you enjoy the adventure.

    Take Care,
    Sherri Ann



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