Saturday, 20 November 2010

Wintry Weather to start the Season


Jack Frost was in the garden;
I saw him there at dawn;
He was dancing round the bushes
And prancing on the lawn.
He had a cloak of silver,
A hat all shimm'ring white,
A wand of glittering star-dust,
And shoes of sunbeam light.

Jack Frost was in the garden,
When I went out to play
He nipped my toes and fingers
And quickly ran away.
I chased him round the wood-shed,
But, oh! I'm sad to say
That though I chased him everywhere
He simply wouldn't stay.

Jack Frost was in the garden:
But now I'd like to know
Where I can find him hiding;
I've hunted high and low-
I've lost his cloak of silver,
His hat all shimm'ring white,
His wand of glittering star-dust,
His shoes of sunbeam light.

~John P. Smeeton~

We had our first snow of the season yesterday.  When I woke up this morning, there was 8-10 inches of fresh, beautiful, powdery snow.  Although I do not, enjoy skiing or snowboarding, or any such sport that involves using a chair lift, I love winter.  Winter brings with it images of; ice skating, hot chocolate, the Christmas Parade, snow covered passes, friends, family, Christmas, the New Year, and many other such beautiful pictures.  Tahoe Lake at this time of the year is really nice to visit which the snow capped mountains, and misty lake.

I hope that everyone is able to enjoy snow this winter season.  It really does make the holidays!!!

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