Saturday, 6 November 2010

A Lovely, Little, Christmas Parade

Good Evening,

~Now that Halloween is over, my little town starts buttoning down for winter.  Most of the tourist-visitors are gone, and we start preparing for those who enjoy the snow sports.  The day after Thanksgiving, everyone gathers on main street to watch and enjoy the Christmas Parade.

~I was in the Christmas Parade every year through Elementary and High School because I was in the marching bands playing the flute.  In high school, we students were allowed to decorate our uniforms and instruments to celebrate the season, and so I wore Christmas lights on my uniform and flute.  The tuba's put wreaths on the head, and almost everyone wore Santa or elf hats; and by the end, everyone was covered in glitter.

~The route of the parade goes past the church at the top of the hill, and down our entire main street which is lined with families and friends all gathered to welcome the Christmas Season.  The school bands march down the street playing their Christmas songs sometimes well, sometimes enthusiastically, but always their best.  There is the parade of old cars and trucks (and sometimes tractors) all decked out in their finest.  The cowboys and cowgirls and the old-time families trot proudly down the street on their finest horses who received the best sprucing up possible for the occasion (the only time they look better is during the Round-up Parade in May).  The boy and girl scouts, the dance troops, and the cheerleaders always receive great applause because those on the streets are usually related.  The Veterans, some old, some young, some in uniform, some with canes, march down main street with their heads held high.  From World War II to Afghanistan, all are there, and all are given applause and thanks.

~And then finally, Here comes Santa!!!  The children scream and cheer and clap knowing that tomorrow and nearly everyday up until Christmas, they can stop at the park on main street, sit on his lap, and ask for what they want.

~Once Thanksgiving is over, the town atmosphere changes, the decorations are put up in town, cards are purchased, and friends are remembered.  The Christmas season has arrived!!!

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