Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Where I've Been...

Hello Everyone!  I hope that you have been doing well these past weeks.  It appears that Spring is starting to peek out of her Winter hiding spot.  The trees are beginning to bud out, and the daffodils are poking up through what is left of the snow.

A number of weeks ago we had a large winter storm that knocked out our power for about a week, and kept us inside close to the wood stove.  After the storms passed and my local college was able to hold classes again, I had many projects to complete.

These past two semesters, I have been taking professional baking courses, so that I could learn different techniques that pastry chefs use.  At the first class, the culinary students are given lists of projects they must complete prior to the last class.  In addition to those projects; chapter work, a midterm, and a final baking project is also required.

Well, my Advanced Baking class ended last week, and I am now able to return to my normal activities.

However, in the midst of the winter storms and my college classes, I have had a new medical diagnosis.  My optometrist says that I am going blind.  It appears to be due in part to a serious thinning of the eye of an extent that my doctor has not seen before expect in textbooks.  And so, after refusing to do anything except look at my eyes he has referred me to Stanford hospital.  (My brother has been a patient of theirs since 2001 due to reacurring blood clots/DVT.)  I know my way around the hospital well, due to my brother, so it is mostly a waiting game until my appointment.

Unfortunately, due to my decreasing vision, I am afraid it is difficult for me to use the computer.  My Mother has graciously offered to post whatever I write out; even then, my posts may be very sporatic due to whatever surgeries may come my way.  Please bear with me, as I work through this diagnosis.

Have a wondrous day!


  1. How awfully sad. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers and hopefully you will find help.

  2. Thank you for your prayers. Stanford is an amazing hospital, so I know all will be well.

  3. Anna, thank you for joining my blog. We share a common interest, Jane Austin. To answer the question "which English literary heroine are you?", according to a Face Book quiz, I am Jane Eyre--cracked me up. I love Jane Austin and visited her home in Chawton, England. You and I share a love of English literature. I will continue to follow your blog as you post, hoping for good results for you.



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