Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Yearly Tradition

Autumn.  A time when all living creatures, young and old, begin settling into their homes.  Wood is split, leaves are raked, and fires are laid waiting for a time when service is needed.  Bats and balls are put away, replaced with freshly polished sleds and shiny ice skates.

Here in my little town, Autumn travels down the mountain.  The air begins to cool first at the summit, then descends, bringing with it the changing colours of leaves, the nestling of creatures, and finally, the softly falling snow.

Main street turns bright red as the Pistaschio trees put on their winter scarves.  The lake resorts are closed down and the ski resorts pray for snow by November.  Stores bring out their Christmas goods and coffee shops switch to pumpkin spice and egg nog lattes.  For tea drinkers, lavender vanilla is switched to warm spiced chai; and scones give way to nut-breads.

Families, bundled in their warm, woolen layers venture out to pick shiny, red apples and deep orange pumpkins.  Puppy dogs play with the children in the raked up leaves, and cats curl up behind the stoves...warm, fat, and happy to purr themselves to sleep.

The year is an old man now.  Soon his beard will be white, but for the moment he is still spry enough to nip our fingers and bite at our toes.

I pray that you have a lovely autumn and are safe this winter.  Keep a book and blanket close, and your evenings are sure to be pleasant.


  1. Anna, you are back. So glad to see your writing again. Did your eyes heal?

  2. Ann,
    Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately my eyes have not yet healed. However, I am now aware of the direction I must take; perhaps healing will come in the next few months.



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